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“Art is a Free Hobby!”

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Time and time again, I come across people who don’t believe that artists and designers should be paid for their time. “How desperate must they be,” some say, “to charge for something other people offer for free?” Or, one of my favourites, “It’s a hobby, why should I pay for something someone enjoys doing?” Or, as I heard just today, “Well if the [client] isn’t making money from it, why should they pay?”

So let’s talk about this.

It seems difficult for a lot of people to grasp the concept of value in non-tangible items, so I’ll try to make this simple. When you pay for art — whether it’s a drawn, written, painted, or designed — you are paying for two things:

• the final product


• the cost of production

The cost of production varies between mediums. Sometimes it includes a physically tangible cost, such as buying cardstock for sketch cards, or sculptor’s clay for a model, or paints for a watercolour. Sometimes, there is no physically tangible cost (such as in digital artistry or web design).

But there is always the cost of time and effort. A piece of art can take a couple of days on average — often more! — during which time the artist could be doing something else.

That is the key here. You are paying for the time and effort that goes into the piece(s) you have requested. You are paying them to be spending time on you and your project instead of using that time to make money elsewhere. You are paying the artist to not only deliver a product, but for the process and effort of making the product, as well as — don’t forget — dealing with YOU.

Refusing to pay for artwork because it is someone’s hobby is like saying that anyone that enjoys what they do should not be paid. Refusing to pay for artwork tells an artist that you like their art enough to have some, but it is still worth absolutely nothing  to you. Refusing to pay for artwork because other people offer it for free means you think that artists are not free to set their own value.

Is art a hobby? Yeah, it sure is! But it is also our business. Our business is not automatically free because we enjoy what we do. Our business is not automatically free because we could be spending time doing a similar thing for ourselves.

When art is done as a personal hobby, the artist is doing it for their own satisfactioneven if the final product is gifted to someone else. When art is done as a business, it is done for the satisfaction of someone else.

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Kami’s Notpocalypse Commission Sale!

Hello, people of differing genders! Today is the day I reopen my commissions, and I figured with our recent near-miss [citation needed] with the end of the world, I’d kick it off with a sale!


So, all orders place from now [01.06.2013] til the end of the month [01.31.2013] will be discounted by 10% (for totals less than 50 USD) or 20% (for totals over 50 USD). The discount will be taken off after I calculate how much each commission will cost.

My goal for this commission run is at least 200 USD so I can pay my bills. I hope you nice folks can help me out!

You can find my commission information [here], but for folks that want the quick and dirty:

  • I do accept paypal but prefer Google Wallet.
  • Prices range from 5 USD (quick sketch) to 50+ USD (detailed celshade/painting)
  • cannot sell ‘adult content’ as per Google policy. Please use your best judgement when ordering.
  • I will draw romantic art of any sexual, gender, or relationship persuasion.
  • All commissions are currently digital.
  • All work comes with lineart.
  • I am OK with fanart.
  • Backgrounds are available, but will cost a bit extra depending on complexity.
  • You can order more than once piece at a time, but I will be spacing out multi-piece orders to allow single-orders to be completed as well.

You can view examples of my work under the “Kami’s Art” tumblr tag or on my dA page, whichever format is more convenient for you.

I can answer questions via reply or email (kaoru [dot] momiji [at] gmail).

Thanks for reading! I hope to hear from people soon. :D If you can’t afford commissions right now, I would really appreciate a reblog signal boost!


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Happy New Year!

© kamidoodles(click to view fullsize)

© kamidoodles
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I hope everyone had a good New Year’s Eve, and I hope everyone has a better year than they did last year by leaps and bounds! I know there are some of you who faced really difficult, turbulent, emotional times in 2012 and I especially hope 2013 brings more good than bad for you.

I did make resolutions this year! I started a couple of days ago, and so far, I’m doing well. I’m determined to stick with it! In no particular order, here are my resolutions:

  • Be more organised
  • Make & Stick to schedule
  • Work hard!
  • Take commissions frequently
  • Keep house tidy
  • Walk and/or JDY daily
  • Eat better when possible
  • Track food & excersise

I made them relatively vague so I don’t have to worry about a particular number, or a particular deadline, which I’m hoping will give me more encouragement to stick with it, and not be discouraged if I mess up.

Wish me luck! And a good luck to everyone else who has made resolutions too.

NOTE: Commissions reopen on Jan. 06, 2013!

I know I don’t have a lot of people here, but I’m also offering digital art commissions (my job, more or less) starting the 6th of this month. You can view more about my commission terms & prices here, and you can view my artwork here. I can answer any commission-related questions in this post, or via email as posted.

To kick off the new year, and the lack of an apocalypse, I will also be having a sale. :] Please keep an eye out!

Happy New Year!

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