Kami’s Notpocalypse Commission Sale!

Hello, people of differing genders! Today is the day I reopen my commissions, and I figured with our recent near-miss [citation needed] with the end of the world, I’d kick it off with a sale!


So, all orders place from now [01.06.2013] til the end of the month [01.31.2013] will be discounted by 10% (for totals less than 50 USD) or 20% (for totals over 50 USD). The discount will be taken off after I calculate how much each commission will cost.

My goal for this commission run is at least 200 USD so I can pay my bills. I hope you nice folks can help me out!

You can find my commission information [here], but for folks that want the quick and dirty:

  • I do accept paypal but prefer Google Wallet.
  • Prices range from 5 USD (quick sketch) to 50+ USD (detailed celshade/painting)
  • cannot sell ‘adult content’ as per Google policy. Please use your best judgement when ordering.
  • I will draw romantic art of any sexual, gender, or relationship persuasion.
  • All commissions are currently digital.
  • All work comes with lineart.
  • I am OK with fanart.
  • Backgrounds are available, but will cost a bit extra depending on complexity.
  • You can order more than once piece at a time, but I will be spacing out multi-piece orders to allow single-orders to be completed as well.

You can view examples of my work under the “Kami’s Art” tumblr tag or on my dA page, whichever format is more convenient for you.

I can answer questions via reply or email (kaoru [dot] momiji [at] gmail).

Thanks for reading! I hope to hear from people soon. :D If you can’t afford commissions right now, I would really appreciate a reblog signal boost!


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I got a library card today!



I am VERY EXCITED. It’s purple, my favourite colour. I can only check out two books on my initial checkout (and 30 after I bring them back, lskdjflaskjglkjlkadj) so I got:

The Myst Reader which is three books in one, containing:

– the book of atrus
– the book of ti’ana
– the book of d’ni

I’ve never heard of Myst before (aside from the video game. any relation?) but I figured I’d give it a go.

And I got Wonder Woman: Down to Earth



I’m very excited about this! It has been a long time since I read a western comic (I think the last one I purchased was Watchmen, the last one I read was the old 52 series). I figured I’d start with Wonder Woman because she has always seemed the most interesting to me. Also that, and they didn’t have any comics featuring The Question – not Vic, not Reneé. It was sad times.

I contemplated getting manga, but a lot of the series they had skipped volumes. Ah! My Goddess went from 1, 2, 3, to 7! I can’t deal with breaks in story line like that :|

I also almost got Good Omens by Gaiman and Prachett. I put it back though, since I really wanted to get a comic as well as a book. Next time, though, I swear I’ll get it.

And also more Shannara books by Terry Brooks. I love that series!

I have to work today (augh!) but I look forward to posting more when I start reading!


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[Things I Love Thursday] 01.03.2013

something to love

something to love

My good friend zombi introduced me to this meme, and since I really want to make my life better and a more positive experience overall, I want to participate. ^_^ I think there are too many times where I get so caught up on which person annoyed me or which thing isn’t going well or what set back I have that I forget all the good things that happen to me. I want to make a conscious effort to remember them, so here goes!

Quote: “The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.” ― C. JoyBell C.

♥ spending time with friends ♥ spending time with josh ♥ the people i’ve met online ♥ hershey’s candy cane kisses ♥ caramel popcorn ♥ dragon age two ♥ cloudless days ♥ the smell of clean laundry ♥ singing in the car ♥ the smell of books ♥ my blue cup ♥ finding new anime / manga to enjoy ♥ bishoujo senshi sailor moon ♥

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Happy New Year!

© kamidoodles(click to view fullsize)

© kamidoodles
(click to view fullsize)

I hope everyone had a good New Year’s Eve, and I hope everyone has a better year than they did last year by leaps and bounds! I know there are some of you who faced really difficult, turbulent, emotional times in 2012 and I especially hope 2013 brings more good than bad for you.

I did make resolutions this year! I started a couple of days ago, and so far, I’m doing well. I’m determined to stick with it! In no particular order, here are my resolutions:

  • Be more organised
  • Make & Stick to schedule
  • Work hard!
  • Take commissions frequently
  • Keep house tidy
  • Walk and/or JDY daily
  • Eat better when possible
  • Track food & excersise

I made them relatively vague so I don’t have to worry about a particular number, or a particular deadline, which I’m hoping will give me more encouragement to stick with it, and not be discouraged if I mess up.

Wish me luck! And a good luck to everyone else who has made resolutions too.

NOTE: Commissions reopen on Jan. 06, 2013!

I know I don’t have a lot of people here, but I’m also offering digital art commissions (my job, more or less) starting the 6th of this month. You can view more about my commission terms & prices here, and you can view my artwork here. I can answer any commission-related questions in this post, or via email as posted.

To kick off the new year, and the lack of an apocalypse, I will also be having a sale. :] Please keep an eye out!

Happy New Year!

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[NaNoWriMo] Belated Final Update

final word count: 50,460

So I am terrible at keeping up with blogs, and I completely forgot to post here at the end of November. I won NaNo! I’m very proud of myself. I slipped up every now and then, but I kept at it, caught up, and even (slightly) exceeded the 50k goal. This is the first time I’ve completed something of this magnitude.

But my novel still isn’t done. I feel a little silly saying that, even after 50k, there’s still plenty of room for more. I think though, that I will have to revise the current chapters a bit before I continue — there are a lot of things that I’m sure I’ve contradicted, and I have to get back into the writing spirit again.

I’ve actually already got my October Pre-NaNo schedule all set up, what I need to cover, things I need to review, and where the plot needs to be by the end of the book. Hooray, productivity!

I’m hoping to continue and finish this novel during the next NaNo. :D Let’s just hope that my writing improves a bit more by then, haha. :3


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[NaNoWriMo] End of Day 12

It’s been a while since I’ve done an ‘end of day’ NaNo post, but ta-da~~ I am finally back on par! Current WC is 20,007, and I am 53 pages in word into this novel. I am no where close to done in this story, and I’m starting to wonder if 50k is going to be enough. Ehehehehehe.

Feels great to be back on par! I am going to reward myself with DAO endgame and subsequent feels.

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[NaNoWriMo] Hit the 10k Mark!

Hit it at the end of Day 5. It was around this time in 2009 (my first/only NaNo) that I “lost inspiration” — ie: quit because I was lazy / frustrated. Here’s to keeping on.


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