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Happy New Year!

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I hope everyone had a good New Year’s Eve, and I hope everyone has a better year than they did last year by leaps and bounds! I know there are some of you who faced really difficult, turbulent, emotional times in 2012 and I especially hope 2013 brings more good than bad for you.

I did make resolutions this year! I started a couple of days ago, and so far, I’m doing well. I’m determined to stick with it! In no particular order, here are my resolutions:

  • Be more organised
  • Make & Stick to schedule
  • Work hard!
  • Take commissions frequently
  • Keep house tidy
  • Walk and/or JDY daily
  • Eat better when possible
  • Track food & excersise

I made them relatively vague so I don’t have to worry about a particular number, or a particular deadline, which I’m hoping will give me more encouragement to stick with it, and not be discouraged if I mess up.

Wish me luck! And a good luck to everyone else who has made resolutions too.

NOTE: Commissions reopen on Jan. 06, 2013!

I know I don’t have a lot of people here, but I’m also offering digital art commissions (my job, more or less) starting the 6th of this month. You can view more about my commission terms & prices here, and you can view my artwork here. I can answer any commission-related questions in this post, or via email as posted.

To kick off the new year, and the lack of an apocalypse, I will also be having a sale. :] Please keep an eye out!

Happy New Year!

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[NaNoWriMo] Belated Final Update

final word count: 50,460

So I am terrible at keeping up with blogs, and I completely forgot to post here at the end of November. I won NaNo! I’m very proud of myself. I slipped up every now and then, but I kept at it, caught up, and even (slightly) exceeded the 50k goal. This is the first time I’ve completed something of this magnitude.

But my novel still isn’t done. I feel a little silly saying that, even after 50k, there’s still plenty of room for more. I think though, that I will have to revise the current chapters a bit before I continue — there are a lot of things that I’m sure I’ve contradicted, and I have to get back into the writing spirit again.

I’ve actually already got my October Pre-NaNo schedule all set up, what I need to cover, things I need to review, and where the plot needs to be by the end of the book. Hooray, productivity!

I’m hoping to continue and finish this novel during the next NaNo. :D Let’s just hope that my writing improves a bit more by then, haha. :3


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[NaNoWriMo] Hit the 10k Mark!

Hit it at the end of Day 5. It was around this time in 2009 (my first/only NaNo) that I “lost inspiration” — ie: quit because I was lazy / frustrated. Here’s to keeping on.


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