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Kami’s Notpocalypse Commission Sale!

Hello, people of differing genders! Today is the day I reopen my commissions, and I figured with our recent near-miss [citation needed] with the end of the world, I’d kick it off with a sale!


So, all orders place from now [01.06.2013] til the end of the month [01.31.2013] will be discounted by 10% (for totals less than 50 USD) or 20% (for totals over 50 USD). The discount will be taken off after I calculate how much each commission will cost.

My goal for this commission run is at least 200 USD so I can pay my bills. I hope you nice folks can help me out!

You can find my commission information [here], but for folks that want the quick and dirty:

  • I do accept paypal but prefer Google Wallet.
  • Prices range from 5 USD (quick sketch) to 50+ USD (detailed celshade/painting)
  • cannot sell ‘adult content’ as per Google policy. Please use your best judgement when ordering.
  • I will draw romantic art of any sexual, gender, or relationship persuasion.
  • All commissions are currently digital.
  • All work comes with lineart.
  • I am OK with fanart.
  • Backgrounds are available, but will cost a bit extra depending on complexity.
  • You can order more than once piece at a time, but I will be spacing out multi-piece orders to allow single-orders to be completed as well.

You can view examples of my work under the “Kami’s Art” tumblr tag or on my dA page, whichever format is more convenient for you.

I can answer questions via reply or email (kaoru [dot] momiji [at] gmail).

Thanks for reading! I hope to hear from people soon. :D If you can’t afford commissions right now, I would really appreciate a reblog signal boost!


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