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I Made a Cake!


Recently, I read a manga series called Kitchen Princess. At the end of each chapter (it’s a manga about a culinary class after all!), they have a section with recipes for the food items in that chapter.

Chapter Two was about strawberry shortcake — I love strawberries and shortcake, so I decided to give it a go! Unfortunately, I didn’t know the difference between “Soft Flour” and the flour at the store (all purpose) so my cake wound up less fluffy and more dense. It’s still pretty good though! With the help of my good friend Arty, we made the cake you see here, all from scratch! We even whipped our own whipped cream. :’D

A couple of tips for people who might want to make cake from scratch! Firstly, make sure you have all the right ingredients from the get-go. Make sure, also, that you have an appropriate cake tin! I had a bit of trouble with this cake because my cake tins were all too wide, so the cake is a little short (no pun intended). The directions also didn’t say to use PAM / nonstick spray, but I did anyway and that made a world of difference trying to get that cake out of the tin. I don’t think you should use oil, or at least use it very sparingly.


Oh, and buy cake flour, not all-purpose flour! Cakes apparently get pretty dense if you use all-purpose flour (which is what I used, oops). It’s also known as “soft flour”, if that helps anyone.  It’s still good, and it’s still a very light cake in terms of how it sits after eating, but the cake itself is dense. Also, a piping bag and a piping tip would be nice to make the cake look pretty, but it’s not 100% necessary – just use a silicone spatula. :]



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