Hi! I’m Kami, and I’m pretty rubbish at writing things about myself.

I’m mostly a tumblr user, but I created this wordpress for my longer ramblings about food, life events, politics, gaming, and whatever else catches my fancy. I tend to get a little wordy, which is difficult to read on tumblr due to its dashboard / “read more” system.

I’m a freelance digital artist & graphic/web designer, though I do some manuscript editing on the side. I love good food, good music, long walks on the beach — okay, scratch that. Nature hates me, and I hate it right back. A picture’s good enough for me.

I’m a feminist, I’m sex-positive and body-positive. I’m queer. I like to talk about politics, about social issues. But I don’t like rudeness. These things are hot-button topics, so I expect everyone to be respectful. :]

I’m also a fan. I hesitate to say ‘fangirl’ with all of its negative connotations outside my little safe bubble of tumblrsphere. I like games by BioWare, Blizzard, Nintendo, and Valve. I really really like BioWare. Especially Dragon Age and Mass Effect.  I also love Avatar: the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, and run a very successful roleplaying forum based on the series.  I love Doctor Who, crime dramas, musical theatre & movies, Disney, tabletop RPGs, and, of course, cats.

I was going to end with something witty, but I’ve forgotten now, so here’s a picture of a kitty.



Your thoughts?

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