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[NaNoWriMo] End of Day 12

It’s been a while since I’ve done an ‘end of day’ NaNo post, but ta-da~~ I am finally back on par! Current WC is 20,007, and I am 53 pages in word into this novel. I am no where close to done in this story, and I’m starting to wonder if 50k is going to be enough. Ehehehehehe.

Feels great to be back on par! I am going to reward myself with DAO endgame and subsequent feels.

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[NaNoWriMo] Hit the 10k Mark!

Hit it at the end of Day 5. It was around this time in 2009 (my first/only NaNo) that I “lost inspiration” — ie: quit because I was lazy / frustrated. Here’s to keeping on.


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[NaNoWriMo] End of Day 3

I’m sorry, but you threw off the Emperor’s groove.

Well, word count is up to 6060! The past few days have been a struggle. The prologue was a struggle to write because the antagonist has changed slightly. The first chapter was easier, but the second chapter — jeez, that was a pain in the butt! Again, it’s the antagonist’s fault — the change in temperament really threw off my groove. Well, that and the fact that I procrastinated for a lot of the afternoon. Man, shoujo manga is a huge distraction for me.

I think, so far, that I’m happy with how the story is going. It feels a lot more solid because I started with a bit of a base, even if I didn’t get as far in prepping as I originally wanted to. Knowing the races and genders and temperaments of the main cast before I start writing is — amazingly enough — useful.  I was surprised though that an original-draft “throw away” character made it back into the story. I had been planning on excluding him but he’s a stubborn little twit and he clung to his chapter like there was no tomorrow.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of NaNo. I didn’t think I would.


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[NaNoWriMo] Beginning

Well, NaNo is here, and due to various reasons I didn’t finish my prepwork. I hope I can still do this. I don’t have a plan, and it’s kind of scary to me! Nyehhhh.


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